Wednesday, March 19, 2003

To my dear friends all over the world,

When I returned from rehearsal this evening, my computer informed me that twenty minutes ago, Operation Attack Iraq had begun.

This, of course, makes me very sad because so few are in favor of this action, and so many are affected by it. I do not attempt to understand the real reasons behind this, nor even the pretended reasons. It's not my job to know "why" things happen as they do.

It is my job to give comfort when I can, share joy where I may, and spread light as much as I am able.
On this eve of war, we, members of the global community, have a responsibility to remember that we must all love one another.

Yes, even Saddam Hussein, and George W. Bush.

Perhaps concentrating on sending love-thoughts to everyone, those who are fighting, those who are defending, those who are protesting, and those very lucky few who have no idea what is going on, may help heal this anger, negativity and strife.

This is not just about the Middle East, oil, or a superpower making a superpower play. This is about everyone everywhere learning to coexist peaceably. No more fighting in Ireland, or Israel, or Africa, or the Eastern Block. Let us have peace. Let us have kindness and understanding, or at least tolerance.

Combat does not heal wounds. Only time, energy and Love can do that. To that end, my far-off friends, I ask that each of you, sometime in your day, each day, will send a loving thought to someone. This can be a wish, a hope, a prayer, or a spiritual message, to someone you know, to someone you've heard of, to a certain battalion, to an entire nation, to women who fear for the lives of their children, to photographers and journalists putting themselves in harms way for the sake of our feeling informed, to cancer patients or burn victims, to entertainers who hope to distract us and raise our spirits. If you can send more than one thought a day, please do. If you can encourage your friends to send love thoughts also, you widen the circle of light and hope with each new link and contact you make.

Please, understand and absorb this message, and send it to those who might like to participate in this simple, non-denominational, unstructured, warmhearted mental action. More love can never harm anything.
Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

I love you all, and keep you in my thoughts and close to my heart each day.

xox, Cybele Pomeroy, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 19 March 2003