Thursday, May 03, 2007

I dreamed
of a woman who walked away
after I had responded sharply
to her stupid question.

I called
to her with apology on my face
and explained I hadn't been
feeling myself lately.

I took
from her the cup she handed
to me, half full of coffee
all pale with cream and cooling.

I watched
as she smiled in sympathy, patted
my hand and walked away again, gentleness
in her stride.

I sipped
at the creamy sweetness, marvelling
that it changed in my mouth
from lukewarm to icy cold, dark and bitter

just the way I like it.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lessons in HTML, 1

The Great American Novel

(I have a 'head' tag and a 'title' tag here, embedded, with closing tags, but Blogger doesn't seem to recognize them, and also insisted that I remove my 'html' opening and closing tags. Hm. And now Blogger is making me remove my 'head' and 'title' tags. Double Hm.)

The opening of The Great American Novel needs a great hook. I'm no hooker, but I've caught a fish or two in my time. So I go to my tackle box (you could say it lured me) and found a hook with allure.

(My 'body' tags are also unacceptable.)

Chapter One

The chapter begins beneath the horizontal line Horizontal lines are defined by the 'hr' opener followed by size designations. This one reads 'hr width=50% size=5' Closing the 'hr' seems to not be necessary.

This is the BODY, with 'h1' tags.

Here is an example of a heading, centered, with 'h3' tags.

The paragraph begins with a 'p' tag for paragraph and now the bold text ends because I closed the tag. If I want underlined text, I type a 'u' inside my tag and end it the usual way. I thought I had learned strikethrough strikethrough, but perhaps I was wrong. Ah, it looks as though I was right. Now. Blogger accepts an 'em' tag as an italics code, but the tutorial indicates that the letter 'i' should be a workable tag as well.

So what happens to my paragraph if I do not include the 'p' tag? Nothing at all?

No, the text is slightly different. I wonder what it means that Blogger won't accept my 'body' tags, but it seems to like the ones for underline, strikethrough, bold, and both tags for italics (they don't look different from one another just now) plus the headings, and the horizontal lines.

I read as far as how to change the size of the type, but haven't really grokked it yet.

This is a work in progress.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Since switching from 'old' Blogger to 'new' Blogger, I haven't played with any of the new 'options', fearing that 'experimentation' might 'screw up' my longstanding blog, CrushWorld.

So here we are, and Totally Perspective gets to play the part of bloggie-pig.