Thursday, June 10, 2004

To Do List

To Do List (in progress)

Ride in a Helicopter
Dance naked in the rain
Learn a martial art
Accept a Book deal
Grow my hair until it stops
Ride in the cockpit
Eat more mangos
Accept a Pulitzer
Ride in a Limosine
Make a speech at the Tony awards
Sleep until noon
Drive it like I stole it
Live at the Beach
Rough it in New Zeland
Be part of an Alqonquin Round Table in Baltimore
Run a bookstore
Attend the opening of my play on Broadway
Dive from a cliff
Run with the fast crowd
Learn to play pool
Drink Champagne while wearing an evening gown
Set a trend
Swim with dolphins
Go Vegas
Refer someone to my agent
Have a drink named for me
Get an allover tan
Visit bridges
Go on a Book tour
Drink Champagne while wearing nothing
Call my lawyer
Write all the things inside my head
Appear at an event in borrowed jewelry
Wear Vera Wang
Leave nothing behind